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Civil Engineering
Energy and Resources
3D Mapping, Road Design and Optimization Software

Engineering an Easier Way

Softree provides software solutions for 3D mapping, road design and optimization. Our products are used daily by hundreds of companies for applications in the resource industries and civil engineering.

With software, bigger is not always better. Productivity comes when software tools are fast, powerful, and easy to use. Simplicity, speed, power and focus on engineering, coupled with innovative technologies, like our new Softree Optimal technology, allow our users to find better solutions and save engineering time.

5 Minute Road Design using RoadEng

RoadEng® - Civil Design Software

Significantly different from other design software, RoadEng® focuses on engineering, not drafting. It's lightweight, fast, easy to use and powerful enough to comfortably handle large Lidar data sets.

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Softree Optimal 5 Minute Video

Softree Optimal Technology

Softree Optimal determines the lowest cost vertical alignment based on design speed, cross section configuration, and horizontal alignment. It accounts for excavation, grading and material movement costs.